Buy Veteran

We are proud to be part of the Buy Veteran initiative, aimed at helping Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, and their families successfully transition from service to explore second career options. As a veteran-owned business, Hudson Entry & Automation is proud to be part of this program. 

 “Throughout neighbourhoods across Canada, there are veteran entrepreneurs and heroes among us who have served our country and are now pursuing their passions and second careers, creating positive economic and social impact in their community,” said Sharon Broughton, CEO of Prince’s Trust Canada.

“When you buy from a veteran-owned business, you’re not only getting an excellent product or service, you’re directly supporting those who have served our country, thanking them for their service and encouraging them on their new life mission,” Broughton said.

“During these unprecedented times, we are reminded of their strength, resiliency, and tenacity. Their careers in the Canadian Armed Forces taught them leadership, strategic planning, creative problem-solving, execution, focus, and determination.

“Veterans are highly skilled and experienced individuals who possess many attributes required to succeed as entrepreneurs.”

To learn more about the program check out The Canadian Veteran Business Directory, online at, which has a platform to search local veteran-owned businesses in every province and from a wide range of products and services. 

We are proud members of the Canadian Armed Forces community.

At Hudson, we believe that core values are critical to team success and should form the basic fabric of the organization. Hudson Entry & Automation strives for a culture of value; value to our customers, our partner and suppliers and to our people.

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